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Untitled Poem- New Sh*t

So I haven’t written a new piece in like 2 months. Not for lack of trying, I promise—just a ton of life changes and upheaval thrown at me at one time. Not to mention I did put myself on a self imposed quarantine for a bit. 

Anyway, there’s someone I’ve been meaning to write a poem for/about. Kept putting it off, but they’ve been popping up in my head a lot lately including a dream I had last night [which, when I feel someone in my presence this strongly usually indicates I need to get in touch with them, but given the circumstances I’m not sure how that’s going to go, but that’s a different story…] This need edits and a title (though I may call it Dreamcatcher). 

There’s a woman 2,000 miles away

who resides in my head

and carries my dreams around in the palms of her hands

Maybe that’s why I don’t have them anymore

It’s said when you can’t sleep you are present in someone else’s dream

Maybe she is the cause of my insomnia

Maybe I knew she needed them more than I did
Maybe I knew they would give her shelter

Or maybe they were the only piece of me she’d willingly accept

Sometimes I send her a goodnight text just so she knows

that someone half a continent away is thinking about her

that if she asked, I could turn my arms into dream catchers 
to hold her together   

She doesn’t respond

I know that everything happens for a reason 
I know that the night she got out of my car

She took the only things I had light enough for her to carry with her

And I let them go

Let her go

hoping they would be safe

Even though I knew

she would wake up in the morning

unclench her hands 

and forget me


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Oh dear God… I just saw a dopetastic video featuring my favorite poet crush. Me thinks I just got my mojo back.


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